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Amble North Pier

Amble North Pier   If you’ve seen my previous post you’ll know that I recently went for a wander on Warkworth Beach – somewhere I’ve fancied exploring for a while but haven’t visited much. Last time I was there I spotted what I would call Amble North Pier (not sure of its true name) but […]

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Weather forecast for this morning looked set for a decent sunrise, and it's at a manageable hour at this time of year, so I headed across to Newbiggin-by-the-Sea. I have never really tried Newbiggin for photos much so a quick scout of Google Maps and I picked out this concrete breaker that looked worth a visit. The tide was heading out so there was no chance of me getting caught out. I've added the spot to my Photo Locations page if you'd like more detail.


The Breaker at Newbiggin

Sunrise at Newbiggin, Northumberland.


I wasn't there long - these dark clouds quickly rolled in across the clear skies and the sun was hidden by a low band of cloud along the horizon. But long enough to take this photo - an exposure of 30 seconds, with a 0.9 (8 stop) ND filter and a 0.6 (4 stop) hard graduated ND filter for the sky. As normal, very little is done in Photoshop - just some sharpening and a slight boost in contrast.


I think I'll add Newbiggin to my list of places to visit - I had a good walk along the rocks to the north east of the village and there looks to be some great spots fora higher tide.


Feel free to have a look through my Water photo gallery, where you'll find this photo and a number of others.



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