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Hillhead Tunnel

Hillhead Tunnel


I took a day off work (planned, not a sickie) the other day to get out and about taking some photos with my friend Charlie. We decided it was about time we went back to Hillhead Tunnel in Northumberland – we’ve been there before but some time ago. It was also a good opportunity to dust off the light-painting kit…


About the Tunnel


Hillhead Tunnel is a disused railway tunnel on the old Cornhill to Alnwick route. Built around 1887, the tunnel was closed to the public in 1953 and has since been pretty much left alone, other than small amounts of remedial work. Both entrances to the tunnel are overgrown and wild. Inside, it’s brick built, although there are some signs of decay.


The sun was shining brightly outside, and because the entrances are so overgrown it gave the light a greenish cast.


Hillhead Tunnel: Sunlit

Hilhead Tunnel lit naturally by the sunlight


Light Painting


I had taken with my a set of LEDs to create light balls, but they haven’t been used recently so didn’t last too long. I need to get soldering and fix up the broken wires…


So most of the light painting we did was with a powerful torch, either lighting up sections of the tunnel or drawing on the walls. This first photo is me using the torch to light up the tunnel – I held it in my mouth so I could keep both arms free for the silhouette.


Hillhead Tunnel: Torch-lit

The tunnel lit up by torchlight


Here’s another, this time with some light painting on the wall:


Hillhead Tunnel: This Way

This way to the exit…


And one final shot – I took a liking to a marker on the wall and thought it was worth highlighting with the torch.


Hillhead Tunnel: Eight

A marker point in Hillhead Tunnel


And just beacuse I can, here’s a triptych of shots inside the tunnel:


Hillhead Tunnel: Triptych

A triptych of light painting in Hillhead Tunnel


Right, time to fix up some more LEDs and get out at night time again…



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Comments (2)

  1. Fred West
    March 19, 2019

    The Tunnel ?? is it possible to get in these days we are coming up in June 2019 with my camera in hand

    • Stuart Lonsdale
      April 11, 2019

      Hi Fred, I haven’t been back up that way recently so not sure, sorry! It’s pretty close to the road though, so definitely worth having a look with the hope you can.


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