Druid's Temple, Nidd Falls and Harmby Falls | North Photo

Druid’s Temple, Nidd Falls and Harmby Falls

Druids Temple, Nidd Falls and Harmby Falls

A little while ago I came across this excellent photo of Druid’s Temple in North Yorkshire. I’d never heard of it before and it instantly sparked my curiosity. After a little research it was firmly marked on my list of places to visit. I got my chance on a day’s holiday from work to pop down and explore, and also managed to get a couple of waterfalls in: Nidd Falls near Lofthouse and Harmby falls in Harmby, near Leyburn.

Druid’s Temple

Druid’s Temple was first up for the day. After an arduous journey down from Northumberland (a closed road lead to a fair amount of traffic…), we arrived at the car park which is just a few minutes’ walk from the Temple. It’s a really impressive sight, as you can see…

Druid's Temple
Druid's Temple, North Yorkshire

A bit about the Temple: it’s important to note that this is a folly, built somewhere in the late 1700s and early 1800s (no one seems quite sure precisely who built it or when). It’s understood that it was built as a copy of a Druid’s temple (hence the name…) and was constructed to give locals paid work. Apparently someone was offered a salary to live there as a hermit for seven years!


As well as dozens of standing stones and an altar, there is a cave and stone table to the rear, which you don’t see until you’re nearly at the rear of the temple, as the altar blocks it from sight.

Druid's Temple Cave
The stone table and cave at Druid's Temple

The surrounding woods, known as Druid’s Plantation, offered up a few photo opportunities too. There was a thin layer of mist hanging for the duration of my visit, which added to the atmosphere and the photos. There are excellent views of Leighton Reservior from the edge of the forest, although the conditions didn’t allow for a decent photo.

Druid's Plantation
Druid's Plantation
Druid's Plantation
Druid's Plantation, with in-camera movement

Nidd Falls

Next up on the list was a waterfall near Lofthouse, not marked on the Ordnance Survey map but known locally as Nidd Falls. Thanks to the excellent blog My Yorkshire Dales for the inspiration and directions. If you haven’t come across this before, it’s a great read if you’re looking for locations in the Yorkshire area.

Following the given directions, we parked up by the Fire Station and walked up the road. Sure enough, it was remarkably easy to spot the waterfall from the road, so we headed down and  explored the area.

Nidd Falls
Nidd Falls, near Lofthouse
Nidd Falls

Harmby Falls

Our final destination for the day was Harmby falls, this time inspired by Yorkshire Waterfalls, another useful blog detailing dozens of waterfalls in the Yorkshire counties. We parked up at the roadside and followed the rather helpful ‘Waterfall’ sign down some steps almost straight to the waterfall. There’s a small footbridge across the stream so it’s easy to explore what is an impressive waterfall from both sides.

Harmby Falls
Harmby Falls, with the footbridge in view
Harmby Waterfall

Thanks for reading, and if you liked this you may find my post about the top waterfalls in the North East of interest…

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