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Corby Crags and Snowy Cheviots

Corby Crags and Snowy Cheviots


Went out for a post-Christmas jaunt with the camera and my good friend Charlie – no real plan of action except that we wanted to head north and find somewhere with a bit of a breeze for Charlie’s new kite.

So we hit the A697 north and soon saw the Cheviots coated in snow. There are some great views of the hills from┬áCorby Crags on the Alnwick to Rothbury road so we headed up there and parked up at one of the two main parking spots. A great vista as normal, but not much happening of interest from a photography aspect, so thought I’d have a go at a panorama:


Corby Crags Panorama

Panorama covering Edlingham, the Cheviots, Thrunton Wood and Simonside.


The panorama was 13 images in total, stitched together using Photoshop CS5’s automated process. Other than that, it is straight out of the camera.


I then had a go at something quite minimalist – just simply the snowy Cheviot hills with the crisp blue sky. Simple kit too, just camera, lens and polarising filter.


Simply Cheviots

Snowy Cheviot Hills and crisp blue winter sky.


Later, we headed into Ingram Valley where, although there were no decent photos taken, Charlie and I got a chance to play with his new kite. Good fun too…


More photos can be seen in the galleries.



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