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North Photo: by Stuart Lonsdale

Welcome to northphoto.co.uk, showcasing some of my best photos and videos.

Mainly taken in and around the North East of England, many of the images are of Northumberland and Tyne & Wear, with the added bonus of some forays further afield.

My ‘specialist’ subject has to be water – I love visiting and photographing waterfalls, the coast, lakes, lochs, reservoirs and rivers. but you’ll also find some great landscape photos here, and some photos of the night sky. Star trails, the Milky Way and a host of efforts at lightpainting, with a few creative efforts from within and outside the studio added in for good measure.

Keep scrolling to see some of my latest photos, and be sure to have a look at the galleries for more images.

What type of photos would you like to look at?

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